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Want to Write for WHSR Blog?

Yes, you! We want you to write for us.

WHSR Blog is now on the lookout for new authors and welcome guest writers to share their expertise with our readers.  If you’ve got an idea that will challenge our readers and help them to grow, we want to hear about it. 

Who's Reading?

Our primary target audiences are small business owners, freelancers, web hosting shoppers, and content creators.

Topics to Write

We are focused on meeting our audience's interests and offering useful content that help them grow in business and daily life on the Internet. Technology, Cybersecurity, eCommerce, Web Analytics, Website Development, WordPress, and Content Creation are topics we are currently interested in.

Writing Guidelines


  • Write 1500 ~1,800 words, 100% original content only
  • Explain your ideas thoroughly and back them up with research & real-life data
  • Add useful images to describe the points you mention
  • Link to supporting resources and other helpful guides online
  • Check for spelling or grammar mistakes before submission
  • Format your article so it’s easy to read – use <h2>, <h3>, <strong>, bullet lists, etc

Do Not

  • Send us shallow / filler articles
  • Include affiliate link in your article
  • Add links to low-quality content (we will remove it)
  • Include stock photos that add no value to your writings
  • Over promote yourself or your website or your products
  • Include keyword-focused links in your bio (only brand names allowed)

Attention: Low quality content / spammy outreach will be rejected!

We are * extremely * picky with what we put on our site. We expect high quality content because that is what our readers demand. You will have to put a little work into the post, but you’ll also gain views from our 700,000+ visitors per month.

Examples of guest articles we admire:

If you are not a writer, we suggest using Advertisement as alternative route to get featured on our site.

Ready to Submit?

Please use this form to send your pitches and reach out to us.