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The Wacky Web: 101 Best Useless Websites You Never Knew You Needed

Ever wondered what the Internet has to offer beyond the usual social media platforms, boring news portals, and eCommerce giants? Well, you're in luck! This article is here to guide you on a fun-filled tour of the “best useless websites” on the World Wide Web.

These pointless websites offer a unique diversion from the ordinary. They possess an irresistible allure, one that stems not from their usefulness – but from their ability to captivate, amuse, and inspire. For those looking to kill time – these websites provide the perfect escape; for web designers seeking unconventional sparks of inspiration, this world of weirdness and wonder is a goldmine.

Some Personal Favorites

Useless Websites - Example
Pop Cat – Time-waster site; just click the cat!
Useless Websites - Example
A Soft Murmur – Use this site to create ambient noise; also available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Useless Websites - Example
Falling Falling – A time-waster site that keeps looping falling color blocks.
Useless Websites - Example
What's My Starbucks Name – Generates a misspelled version of your name on a Starbucks cup.
Useless Websites - Example
Endless Horse – Discover a horse with infinitely long legs.

101 Useless Websites – The Full List

Here's the table with 101 pointless websites – click the “+” sign to see the URLs for each.

Website NameDescriptionCategoryWebsite URL
Pop CatClick the cat!Time Wastershttps://popcat.click/
A Soft MurmurMix ambient sounds to create the perfect background noise.Interactive & Oddhttps://asoftmurmur.com/
AnasomniaExperience a surreal, interactive dream sequence.Interactive & Oddhttp://anasomnia.com/
Bees Bees BeesDiscover a world where everything is bees.Time Wastershttp://beesbeesbees.com/
Blank WindowsOpen and arrange blank windows on your screen.Weird & Wackyhttp://blankwindows.com/
Boil the FrogCreate a seamless playlist between any two artists.Time Wastershttp://static.echonest.com/BoilTheFrog/
Bongo CatPlay virtual bongos with an adorable cat.Interactive & Oddhttps://bongo.cat/
BreadfishWatch a quirky animation of breadfish and other creatures.Weird & Wackyhttp://www.breadfish.co.uk/
Build with ChromeBuild virtual LEGO structures on a map.Interactive & Oddhttps://www.buildwithchrome.com/
Bury Me With My MoneyWatch a man fall from the sky with his money.Weird & Wackyhttp://burymewithmymoney.com/
Cat BounceWatch and interact with bouncing cats.Time Wastershttp://www.cat-bounce.com/
CheckidayFind out which obscure holidays are celebrated today.Time Wastershttps://www.checkiday.com/
Chihuahua SpinWatch and control spinning Chihuahuas.Time Wastershttp://www.chihuahuaspin.com/
CleverbotChat with an AI that learns from conversations.Nostalgia & Retrohttps://www.cleverbot.com/
Dial Up SoundRelive the nostalgic sound of a dial-up modem.Nostalgia & Retrohttp://www.dialupsound.com/
Do Not TouchParticipate in a crowd-sourced music video by following on-screen instructions.Weird & Wackyhttps://donottouch.org/
Do Nothing for 2 MinutesTest your ability to do nothing for 2 minutes.Time Wastershttp://www.donothingfor2minutes.com/
Dog VisionSee how your dog perceives the world with a dog vision simulator.Time Wastershttps://dog-vision.com/
Eel SlapVirtually slap someone in the face with an eel.Weird & Wackyhttp://www.eelslap.com/
Endless HorseDiscover a horse with infinitely long legs.Weird & Wackyhttp://endless.horse/
Falling FallingExperience a never-ending feeling of falling with visuals and sounds.Weird & Wackyhttp://www.fallingfalling.com/
Find the Invisible CowListen to audio clues to find an invisible cow on the screen.Time Wastershttps://www.findtheinvisiblecow.com/
GeoGuessrGuess your location based on Google Street View images.Interactive & Oddhttps://www.geoguessr.com/
Giant Bat FartsMake a giant bat fart by clicking on its butt.Interactive & Oddhttps://giantbatfarts.com/
Hampster DanceExperience the classic Hampster Dance animation and song.Nostalgia & Retrohttp://www.hampsterdance.com/
He-Man SingsWatch He-Man sing "What's Up" by 4 Non Blondes.Weird & Wackyhttps://he-man-sings.herokuapp.com/
Homestar RunnerEnjoy classic flash animations and games featuring Homestar Runner and friends.Nostalgia & Retrohttps://homestarrunner.com/
How Many People Are In Space Right Now?Find out the current number of astronauts in space.Interactive & Oddhttp://www.howmanypeopleareinspacerightnow.com/
IncrediboxCreate unique music mixes with animated beatboxers.Interactive & Oddhttps://www.incredibox.com/
Infinite JukeboxTurn any song into an endless, remixed version.Weird & Wackyhttp://labs.echonest.com/Uploader/index.html
Instant OstrichClick the button for an ostrich sound effect.Weird & Wackyhttp://www.instantostrich.com/
Internet Live StatsWatch live statistics on various internet metrics.Interactive & Oddhttps://www.internetlivestats.com/
Is It Christmas?Tells you if it's Christmas or not.Time Wastershttps://isitchristmas.com/
Is It Dark Outside?Tells you if it's currently dark outside based on your location.Weird & Wackyhttps://isitdarkoutside.com/
Is It White?Check whether the background color of the website is white.Time Wastershttps://isitwhite.com/
Koalas to the MaxReveal a koala image by hovering over circles.Interactive & Oddhttps://www.koalastothemax.com/
Listen to WikipediaHear an audio representation of Wikipedia edits happening in real-time.Interactive & Oddhttp://listen.hatnote.com/
Little AlchemyCombine elements to create new items in a simple game.Time Wastershttps://littlealchemy.com/
Make Everything OKClick a button to "make everything OK" in your life.Time Wastershttp://make-everything-ok.com/
MandalaGabaCreate and share intricate mandalas with a drawing tool.Time Wastershttps://www.mandalagaba.com/
MultitaskTest your ability to play multiple games at once.Time Wastershttp://www.kongregate.com/games/IcyLime/multitask
My 50s TVWatch and relive 50s TV shows, commercials, and more.Nostalgia & Retrohttps://www.my50stv.com/
My 60s TVWatch and relive 60s TV shows, commercials, and more.Nostalgia & Retrhttps://www.my60stv.com/
My 70s TVWatch and relive 70s TV shows, commercials, and more.Nostalgia & Retrohttps://www.my70stv.com/
My 80s TVWatch and relive 80s TV shows, commercials, and more.Nostalgia & Retrohttps://www.my80stv.com/
My 90s TVWatch and relive 90s TV shows, commercials, and more.Nostalgia & Retrohttps://www.my90stv.com/
MySpaceExplore the revamped version of the classic social media platform.Nostalgia & Retrohttps://myspace.com/
Neave InteractivePlay with a collection of interactive toys and tools.Nostalgia & Retrohttps://neave.com/
NES MusicListen to music from classic Nintendo Entertainment System games.Nostalgia & Retrohttp://www.nesmus.com/
Netscape NavigatorExplore a website dedicated to the history of Netscape Navigator.Nostalgia & Retrohttps://netscapenavigator.com/
Paper ToiletUnravel a virtual toilet paper roll.Interactive & Oddhttp://www.papertoilet.com/
Passive Aggressive Password MachineGet judged by a passive-aggressive password generator.Interactive & Oddhttp://www.trypap.com/
Patience Is A VirtueWait for something to happen (Spoiler: Nothing happens).Time Wastershttp://www.patience-is-a-virtue.org/
Pixel ThoughtsA 60-second meditation tool to help put your thoughts into perspective.Weird & Wackyhttp://www.pixelthoughts.co/
Pointer PointerLocates your cursor, and a picture will point to it.Weird & Wackyhttp://www.pointerpointer.com/
Potato or TomatoGuess whether you'll see a potato or a tomato.Weird & Wackyhttps://www.potatoortomato.com/
Quick, Draw!Draw an object and see if the AI can guess what it is.Interactive & Oddhttps://quickdraw.withgoogle.com/
RadioooooTravel through time and space by listening to music from different countries and decades.Interactive & Oddhttps://radiooooo.com/
RGBControl the color of the screen with your mouse.Interactive & Oddhttps://www.rgb.run/
Sanger.dkEnjoy a video of a cute pug licking your screen.Weird & Wackyhttps://www.sanger.dk/
Saved by the Bell: All the EpisodesWatch all episodes of the classic TV show "Saved by the Bell."Nostalgia & Retrohttp://www.savedbythebellnow.com/
Shady URLTurn any URL into a suspicious-looking link.Weird & Wackyhttp://www.shadyurl.com/
Ship Your Enemies GlitterAnonymously send glitter to your enemies.Weird & Wackyhttps://shipyourenemiesglitter.com/
SilkCreate beautiful, interactive art with a few clicks.Interactive & Oddhttp://weavesilk.com/
Spells of GenesisPlay a blockchain-based mobile trading card game.Interactive & Oddhttps://spellsofgenesis.com/
Spin the BottleA virtual spin the bottle game.Interactive & Oddhttps://randompicker.com/spin-the-bottle
Staggering BeautyWiggle a worm until it goes crazy.Time Wastershttp://www.staggeringbeauty.com/
TamagotchiLearn about the history and relive the memories of the classic digital pet.Nostalgia & Retrohttp://www.tamagotchi.com/
The Color GameTest your ability to name colors as quickly as possible.Interactive & Oddhttps://www.thecolorgame.net/
The Faces of FacebookExplore the profile pictures of all Facebook users.Nostalgia & Retrohttp://app.thefacesoffacebook.com/
The IMDB of the 90sDiscover movies, TV shows, and celebrities from the 1990s.Nostalgia & Retrohttps://www.90s411.com/imdb-of-the-90s.html
The Magic iPodMash up popular songs from the 2000s with classic hip-hop tracks.Weird & Wackyhttps://themagicipod.com/
The Million Dollar HomepageFilled with tiny ads that collectively made a million dollars.Nostalgia & Retrohttp://www.milliondollarhomepage.com/
The Most Exclusive WebsiteJoin a virtual queue to access the most exclusive website.Weird & Wackyhttp://www.mostexclusivewebsite.com/
The Museum of Endangered SoundsListen to a collection of sounds from obsolete technology.Weird & Wackyhttp://savethesounds.info/
The Nicest Place on the InternetReceive virtual hugs from strangers.Time Wastershttp://thenicestplaceontheinter.net/
The Original GIFExplore the history of the first-ever GIF.Nostalgia & Retrohttps://theoriginalgif.com/
The Quiet PlaceTake a break from the world and find a quiet place.Time Wastershttp://thequietplaceproject.com/thequietplace
The RasterbatorEnlarge images into huge, wall-sized posters.Interactive & Oddhttps://rasterbator.net/
The Useless AggregatorGenerate random useless websites at the click of a button.Time Wastershttps://uselessaggregator.com/
The Useless WebTakes you to other random useless websites.Weird & Wackyhttps://www.theuselessweb.com/
The Zen ZoneClick and drag to create colorful, calming patterns.Interactive & Oddhttp://www.thezen.zone/
This Is SandCreate landscapes using falling sand particles.Interactive & Oddhttps://thisissand.com/
Touch PianistPerform classical piano pieces by tapping your screen.Interactive & Oddhttp://touchpianist.com/
Watching Grass GrowWatch a live webcam of grass growing in real-time.Time Wastershttp://www.watching-grass-grow.com/
What Should I Read Next?Get book recommendations based on your reading preferences.Time Wastershttps://www.whatshouldireadnext.com/
What's My Starbucks Name?Generates a misspelled version of your name, as if written on a Starbucks cup.Weird & Wackyhttps://www.whatsmystarbucksname.com/
Where's Waldo?Play an online version of the classic "Where's Waldo?" game.Time Wastershttps://waldo2021.herokuapp.com/
Whoomp! (There It Is)Enjoy the music video for Tag Team's "Whoomp! (There It Is)."Nostalgia & Retrohttp://whoomp.azurewebsites.net/
Will Robots Take My Job?Find out the likelihood of robots taking over your job.Time Wastershttps://willrobotstakemyjob.com/
Window SwapView video clips of window views from around the world.Interactive & Oddhttps://www.window-swap.com/
Windows 93An interactive parody of Windows 93 operating system.Nostalgia & Retrohttps://www.windows93.net/
You're the Man Now DogFeatures looping audio and image combinations.Nostalgia & Retrohttps://ytmnd.com/
Your World of TextWrite and explore an infinite grid of text.Time Wastershttps://www.yourworldoftext.com/
ZomboWelcome to Zombocom, where anything is possible.Weird & Wackyhttp://www.zombo.com/
Zoom QuiltA never-ending, interactive, zooming image.Time Wastershttps://zoomquilt.org/
Bored ButtonClick the button to be taken to a random interactive game or site. Time Wastershttps://www.boredbutton.com/
The Secret Door Step through a virtual door and be transported to random places around the world. Interactive & Oddhttp://ww3.safestyle-windows.co.uk/the-secret-door/
Cross Divisions Watch as lines cross and divide to form an endlessly shifting pattern. Interactive & Oddhttp://www.crossdivisions.com/
DrenchPlay a simple yet addictive color game where you try to turn the whole screen into one color. Time Wastershttp://flashbynight.com/drench/
Doughnut Kitten Watch a virtual kitten frolic in a land of doughnuts. Weird & Wackyhttps://www.doughnutkitten.com/

How to Build Another Pointless Website Yourself?

Creating a pointless website can be a fun project. Creating a website doesn't have to be complicated. Take your time and enjoy the process – you are building something useless here anyway.

Here's a simple guide to get you started.

  1. Idea Formation

    Brainstorm ideas for your website – it could be a page full of floating cats or a button that makes a bizarre noise. Be creative and aim for fun.

  2. Domain and Hosting

    Choose a domain name that matches your idea. Purchase the domain and hosting service – there are many affordable options online. Personally, I recommend Hostinger Single Plan or Wix Free Plan for a fun project like this.

  3. Web Page Creation

    If you're a beginner, consider using a site builders platform like Hostinger Website Builder or Wix. They have drag-and-drop interfaces that make website creation easy.

  4. Visual Design

    Choose colors, fonts, and images that fit your theme. Simplicity is key for a useless website – A complex layout kills the fun and chases your visitors away. What you want is to make your visitors understand what to do as soon as they landed on your website.

  5. Interactive Elements

    Add some interactive elements to engage your visitors. This could be a clickable button or a draggable image.

  6. Website Testing

    Test your website on different devices to ensure it works properly – ask friends to check it too.

  7. Launch

    Once you're happy with your website, it's time to launch it. Share the site with your friends on social media. If you are on Reddit – a subreddit like Stumbledon or Internet is Beautiful would be a good place to drop your link.

  8. Maintenance

    Regularly check your website to ensure it's running smoothly. Even “useless” websites need a bit of care!

Final Thoughts

Building a silly website isn’t as challenging today compared to just a few years ago. As long as you know the right areas to focus on and choose the right tools – the process can be easy and fun.

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