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Information to Authors

The Umudike Journal of Engineering and Technology (UJET) publishes high-quality articles focusing on all aspects of Engineering and applied sciences. All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed and if found suitable, published, according to subject matter, as research paper, review or technical note.

Submission of Manuscript

Submission of manuscript is on the condition that it is an original work of author(s) and it has neither been published nor under consideration for publication elsewhere. Authors should submit soft copy of their manuscripts on this platform and track the progress of their manuscripts.

Preparation of the Manuscript

Manuscript should be written in English language and typed in 12 font size (using Times New Roman) in double spacing on one side of A4 paper. A margin of 25 mm should be left at the sides. The manuscript should not exceed twelve (12) pages, including figures and tables. The manuscript should be organised under the following headings:
The title page should contain the title of the paper, name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s) plus e-mail address and phone number of the corresponding author, and the abstract. The corresponding author should be indicated. The title of the paper should not exceed 15 words, in 12 font size, upper case, while abstract should not exceed 200 words. Five keywords should be provided after the abstract.
Symbols, Abbreviations and Units
Symbols and abbreviations should be defined where first mentioned. SI units should be used.
This should include the background to the study, a brief review of literature and clearly-stated objectives.
Theoretical Analysis
The mathematical principles or theories used should be included as appropriate.
Materials and Methods
This section should include apparatus and equipment setup, work materials, design and experimental methods, as applicable.
Results and Discussion
Results could be presented in descriptive, tabular or graphical form. Information presented in tables should not be repeated as figures. Discussion should be focussed on the interpretation of research findings.
The conclusion should be a brief summary of findings. It should clearly state the contributions, relevance of the findings and recommendations, as appropriate.
The Harvard system (alphabetical listing) of referencing should be used while only essential references must be cited and listed. Examples of citing references include: Ubachukwu (2014) or (Ubachukwu, 2014) as appropriate; Ahaneku and Sadiq (2014) or (Ahaneku and Sadiq, 2014) as appropriate; Nwankwojike et al. (2006) or (Nwankwojike et al., 2006) as appropriate. Examples of listing references are as follows:
Okoro, O. I and C. Edward. (2010). The Essential Matlab and Simulink for Engineers and Scientists. First Edition. Juta and Co. Ltd. Cape Town. South Africa.
Adama, J. C. (2014). Economic viability of using crawler tractor bulldozer as agricultural bush clearing machinery in the derived savannah zone of Nigeria. Journal of Applied Agricultural Research. Vol 6(2):39-45.
Onyenwoke, C. A. and K. J. Simonyan (2014). Cassava postharvest processing and storage in Nigeria: A review. African Journal of Agricultural Research. Vol.9 (53): 3853-3863.
K. Adekunle, D. Akesson and M. Skrifvars (2010). Synthesis of reactive soybean oils for use as a biobased thermoset resins in structural natural fiber composites. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol. 115: 3137-3145.
Reports, Thesis and Dissertation
Okoro, C. K. (2012). Design and construction of a 3 kW DC-DC chopper for the speed control of a DC motor. M.Sc Project Report, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Lagos, Lagos. Nigeria.
Web Publications
Simonyan, K. J. (2012). African Locust Bean Seed Processing: Prospects, Status and Challenges. Online at: Accessed on 17/02/2015.
Tables and Figures
Tables and figures should be placed as close as possible to the place of first reference. References should be made to all the tables and figures in the manuscript. Table caption should be placed at the top of the table, while figure caption should be placed below the figure.
Processing and Publication Charges
A publication charge of ₦25, 000 for local authors and $100 for international authors shall be made after acceptance of manuscript for publication. A link for payment will be sent along side notification for acceptance of manuscript.
Subscription and Advertisement
The subscription and advertisement rates can be obtained from the Editor-in-Chief, the Technical Secretary or the Business Manager.

Open Access
Umudike Journal of Engineering and Technology makes abstracts and full texts of all articles published freely available to everyone immediately after publication thereby enabling the accessibility of research articles by the global community without hindrance through the internet.

Indexing and Abstracting
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