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Umudike Journal of Engineering and Technology is committed to eliminating manuscripts with possible cases of plagiarism from its review and publication process by using plagiarism detection software to check each manuscript for possible cases of plagiarism. Umudike Journal of Engineering and Technology considers plagiarism a serious offense. Manuscripts with unacceptable level of similarity with other published works are immediately rejected.

Duplicate submissions

Duplicate submission is a situation whereby an author submits the same or similar manuscripts to two different journals at the same time and also includes submission of manuscripts derived from the same data in such a manner that there are no substantial differences in the manuscripts.

Fabrication and falsification of data

Umudike Journal of Engineering and Technology is by COPE guidelines in dealing with suspected cases of data fabrication and falsification. It is unethical to fabricate, manipulate or falsify data in a manuscript.

Citations manipulation

A manuscript should contain only relevant citations. Inclusion of citations that are not relevant to the work is strongly discouraged. Similarly, irrelevant self-citation to increase one’s citation is unethical.

Submission of Manuscript

Authors should read the “Authors Guideline” on the journal’s page before making a submission. Manuscript should be prepared according to the style and specifications of the journal’s policy.

Contact information of all authors should be stated on the manuscript. Surname/Other names, affiliation, emails, and phone/fax numbers. Declaration of Conflicts of Interest should be stated in the manuscript. Submission should be made online at

A handling charge of ₦25, 000.00 shall be made after acceptance of manuscript for publication. All payments should be made to the following account:

  • Account Name: Umudike Journal of Engineering and Technology (UJET)
  • Name of Bank: Access Bank plc
  • Location: Umudike, Abia State, Nigeria
  • Account Number: 0694937439
  • Account Type: Current

Conflict of interest

Authors should disclose all financial/relevant interest that may have influenced the development of the manuscript.

Reviewers should disclose any conflict of interest and if necessary, decline the review of any manuscript they perceive to have a conflict of interest.

Editors should also decline from considering any manuscript that may have conflict of interest. Such manuscripts will be re-assigned to other editors.


A submitted manuscript is a confidential material. Umudike Journal of Engineering and Technology will not disclose submitted manuscript to anyone except individuals who partake in the processing and preparation of the manuscript for publication (if accepted). These individuals include editorial staff, corresponding authors, potential reviewers, actual reviewers, and editors.

Correction and retraction of articles

Corrections may be made to a published article with the authorization of the editor of the journal. Editors will decide the magnitude of the corrections. Minor corrections are made directly to the original article. However, in cases of major corrections, the original article will remain unchanged, while the corrected version will also be published. Both the original and corrected version will be linked to each other. A statement indicating the reason for the major change to the article will also be published.

Open Access
Umudike Journal of Engineering and Technology makes abstracts and full texts of all articles published freely available to everyone immediately after publication thereby enabling the accessibility of research articles by the global community without hindrance through the internet.

Indexing and Abstracting
We are index in Google Scholar