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Onyelowe, K. C.
Department of Civil Engineering, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. P.M.B.7267, Umuahia 440001, Abia State

Ubachukwu, O. A.
Department of Civil Engineering, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. P.M.B.7267, Umuahia 440001, Abia State


The growing cost of known conventional stabilizing agents, the need to rid the environment of pollutant that could be converted to usable engineering materials and the need for the economical utilization of industrial and agricultural waste for beneficial engineering purposes have prompted an investigation into the stabilizing potentials of Palm Bunch Ash (PBA) as admixture. In Nigeria especially in the southern and western parts, lots of engineering projects founded on soil fail primarily as a result of foundation soil failure. Results from researches have shown that most of the engineering soils (lateritic soil) borrow sites yield poor soil in terms of geophysical and geotechnical properties which eventually render the soil material unfit to serve relevant engineering purposes. As a result, there is need to improve on the engineering properties of the soil by using admixtures hence this research work that was targeted at  improving the engineering properties of Olokoro lateritic soil with PBA. Index properties of the soil material showed that it belongs to A–2–6 and GP under the AASHTO and Unified Soil Classification Systems (USCS), respectively. Soils under these groups are of poor engineering benefit. The soil was studied under varying proportions of the PBA at 3%, 6%, 9%, 12% and 15% and subjected to soil Classification Test, Compaction Test, Atterberg Limit Test and CBR Test. The results show an increase in MDD and OMC after an initial decrease with PBA variations. The California Bearing Ratio under unsoaked condition for the natural soil was 39.8% and the peak CBR of the stabilized soil was 69.4% which satisfies the use of the stabilized sample as sub-grade material at 15% PBA.

Keywords: Palm bunch ash, stabilization, olokoro-umuahia, lateritic soil, admixture

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Friday, December 18, 2015

Vol. 1 No. 2, DEC 2015

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